The very popular Pasembur stall @ Gurney drive

Pasembur is an Indian cuisine. It can be described as a salad like dish but you can also have no veggies if you dont want to.


It is just like rojak but with a different gravy and some different ingredients.

There are crabs, prawns, sausages, fish cakes, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, bean curds and much more.  Once you already selected the ingredients, then they will chopped it all into small pieces add veggies such  cucumber strips, turnip ) strips and the gravy.

You can ask for no veggies if you do want to.

The gravy is sweet and quite thick. Needless to say, this dish is a very delicious dish and one of the must have dishes when you are in Penang.

The most famous Pasembur stall is definitely the one in Gurney drive stall no 09.