Nasi Kandar

1 of the most popular food you can find in Penang unquestionably is Nasi Kandar. It is a popular Indian cuisine. For my 1st ever Nasi Kandar, i went to a restaurant called Line Clear. Even though it is a restaurant , it is actually located in an alley and it looks just like a normal eatery.

Line Clear restaurant
Nasi Kandar Line Clear Penang
Entrance to Line Clear from Penang Rd. Make sure you enter the correct restaurant, Line Clear is at the left side. There is another Nasi Kandar stall on the right side, where the guys there actually try to “pull” us in.

You can either choose white rice or briyani rice. For me i chose normal white rice as i believe the dishes will taste better with white rice.

For my first ever dish of Nasi Kandar the dishes i chose was squid, tiger prawn, lamb & salted egg. After you have added all the dishes you want, then they will pour a variety of curries and flood your rice. Taaadaaa……so your Nasi Kandar is ready!

So this is my 1st ever plate of Nasi Kandar at the fame restaurant Line Clear

The combination of the curries and the dishes gives it a unique and delicious taste. Yummy!

One side dish that i will strongly recommend will be telur sotong, or in english squid/cuttlefish eggs. It is soft and smooth in texture and also it is not easily found in my home country.

Which Nasi Kandar to get ?

Alright so since Nasi Kandar is so popular in Penang surely there is more than 1 stall selling it. Which one is the best ? So this is review from my own personal experience.

Most popular Nasi kandar restaurants will be Line Clear, Nasi Kandar beratur and also Nasi Kandar kampung Melayu. I have only tried 2 which is Line Clear and Kampung Melayu because Nasi Kandar beratur only opens at night time from 10pm till maybe 4am.

Line clear restaurant will be the more location friendly as it is located at George town Jalan Penang.

Nasi Kandar Kampung melayu on the other hand is located in ayer hitam. I took a taxi which cost me RM25 from Chulia street in Georgetown ,  the journey is about 20-30 mins. The stall is located at Ayer Hitam low cost housing flat area. It is under block “A”

My nasi Kandar kampung melayu. Prawn, squid and beef.
Under block A of Kampung Melayu low cost Housing flats

So this is my honest review between Line Clear and Kampung Melayu Nasi Kandar. Line clear has more variety of dishes such as the squid eggs but Kampung Melayu taste nicer. If you ask the locals which Nasi Kandar is the best, most will not say Line Clear and according to friends i know Line clear is mostly popular for tourists. But it sometimes depends on individuals which taste nicer, this is jut my own personal opinion.

All right folks, so thats my review of Nasi Kandar. Don’t forget to try it while you are in Penang

Here is a video of Line Clear Nasi Kandar restaurant